About Independent Icon Studio: Where Expertise Meets Innovation

Welcome to Independent Icon Studio, founded and fueled by the passion and experience of an award-winning graphic designer with a diverse background. With roots in architecture, a journey through digital design, and a stint teaching Adobe Illustrator at Santa Monica College, I’ve cultivated a skill set that spans a wide spectrum of creative realms.

A Creative Journey:

My creative journey began with image detailing, 3D design, and animated graphics. Over four decades, I delved into the dynamic worlds of rave flyers, magazine layouts, auto parts packaging, and print design. Transitioning to Hollywood posters brought a new dimension, where I explored the vibrant scenes of surf, skate, and BMX graphics. This journey further extended into the 420 cannabis industry, where I honed my craft in a space that demanded innovation and visual distinction.

A Legacy of Studios:

Having managed and operated four studios, including the notable GRFFX, I’ve curated a rich tapestry of design experiences. These ventures have not only added layers to my creative expertise but have also equipped Independent Icon Studio with the acumen to

The Main Hub for Creative Solutions:

Independent Icon Studio stands as my flagship, offering a culmination of years of expertise. Specializing in web design, advertising, social media campaigns, XM UI design for CMS and apps, and high-quality digital graphics, we bring a wealth of creative solutions to the table.

Diverse Engagement:

Over the years, I’ve navigated through a multitude of creative arenas:
Print Design: From magazines to auto parts packaging.
Entertainment Graphics: Hollywood posters, surf, skate, and BMX visuals.
420 Cannabis Industry Design: Navigating the distinctive landscape of cannabis branding.
Video Editing: Crafting visual narratives for films, music videos, and video games.

A Confluence of Skills:

The confluence of architecture, digital design, teaching, and diverse industry engagements sets Independent Icon Studio apart. With a foundation in creativity and an eye for innovation, we bring ideas to life across a spectrum of visual landscapes.

Experience the Iconic Difference:

At Independent Icon Studio, we don’t just create; we innovate. Join us in shaping visual narratives, pushing boundaries, and crafting a legacy of design excellence.

Welcome to a space where every pixel tells a story.
Welcome to Independent Icon Studio.